Friday, June 11, 2010

June Finish!

My first June finish was unexpected and unplanned, but very cute & fast! My daughter had picked up a poodle embroidery iron-on applique to give to her teacher (who collects pink poodle things) and was pondering what to do with it when I suggested a simple little wall hanging. She couldn't envision my idea, so we just let it go. The next day I went to the LQS for a backing for the kitty charity quilt and saw the giraffe fabric and some pink polka dotted fabric. I bought 2 3/4 yds backing and 1/4 yd each of the giraffe and pink polka dotted fabric. I would have bought fat quarters, but this shop doesn't "do" FQs!! I am proud of myself for only getting 1/4 yd of each!! That night whilst DD was sleeping I whipped up the Giraffe thingy and hung it on her door knob! She noticed it immediately the next morning and loved it!! (did I mention she LOVES giraffes?) I showed her the polka dot for the poodle and she loves the idea so we'll work on that later on this evening. Last weekend I got so much accomplished! It was soooooo hot and humid that it really bothered my asthma so I stayed inside and sewed!! I finished quilting the citrus lucky stars, so my binding pile is really starting to stack up on the couch! I finished piecing the kitty charity quilt and it's waiting to be quilted, I finished enlarging my nephew's beautiful long arm pantograph pattern and I am going to long arm the quilt my niece & I made last summer. Lastly, I've found a way for my next lucky stars quilt to also be leaders and enders. It's all cut and organized, in a bin next to my machine and I've been getting blocks done as I go along with other projects! (Photo below) I have the finished blocks pinned to the QOV batting box, convenient little holder that turned out to be! Well, I want to get DD started on her poodle project, I want it to have been done by her, not her Mom!! Hope you have a productive & fun weekend!!

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