Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poodle Door Doodle!!

Here it is! I was able to get a picture of DD & her Favorite teacher with the Poodle Door Doodle!
My DH & DS asked what the Giraffe thingy was - wall hanging ??? I said "well, it can be, but it also can be hung over a door knob" So once the Poodle one was done, the name Poodle Door Doodle just came to me! So I changed the Giraffe thingy to Giraffe door doodle on my list of finishes. I think it sounds better! DD's teacher was very impressed that she sewed it herself, on the back I had her do a little label with her name and date. I finished binding the Citrus Lucky Star quilt last night - another finish and there's 7 1/8 yds gone from my stash!! I was so thrilled to not have bought an inch of fabric for this quilt. For the binding I used leftover green from the scooby dooby doo quilt that was my first finish this year. I quilted the baby quilt yesterday and sewed the binding on, tonight I will start binding it. Only three more days left of school, and they are half days at that! Need to pin on the kitty quilt so I can get my charity project for the month done! Not bad for 1/2 month left! Happy quilting!

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