Friday, June 4, 2010

QOV is quilted

The latest guild QOV is quilted and the binding is sewn on, now its next to my spot on the couch ready to be sewn down! Can't remember the last time we watched TV though, we've been so busy! Last night we went to an 18th entury play at Kimball Theatre in Colonial Williamsburg - What FUN!! When watching 18th century plays, the audience members are verbal participants, and it's loud, boisterous and great fun! My 10 yr old DD especially enjoyed it, she was deeply enthralled and just loved every moment. It was a comedy and the actors were outstanding. We'll be sure to keep an eye out for the next play! Anyway, here's a picture of the guild QOV, I quilted this design that my friend Crystal, in Wisconsin, showed me a couple of years back. I used donated fluffy poly for the batting, and since the seams on this quilt were quite bulky, this design worked nicely and took advantage of the depth that the poly provided! Also included are a couple of sneak peeks of what I'm working on. These two projects are on opposite sides of the spectrum regarding level of difficulty and swiftness of completion! The kitty fabric project is for a charity raffle and is fast and easy as can be! The brown paisley, flowery fabric is a wedding present and very time consuming! I just started cutting out the kitty project on Tuesday, and I've been working on the wedding project since May 17th! We'll see how they go - I've tried not to start too much at once this year, perhaps the secret to my current success, but I can only stand to work on the wedding project a little bit at a time! Well, I need to run some errands before the kiddles come home from school, Have a great weekend!

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