Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm finishing up packing for Wisconsin, last night I finished quilting the kitty quilt, and this morning I sewed the binding together and on to the quilt, so I will bind it as we drive. Well, when it's DH's turn to drive and I am not sleeping! It's usually a 22 hr drive, this year we plan on stopping somewhere along the way instead of our usual marathon drive. The kids are pretty good about it, they each have their electronic devices, snacks and their pillows to keep them entertained! I have been so good this year, most of the fabric I have purchased is also in the fabric out column or well on its way. So needless to say, I am really anticipating doing some serious damage at my friends quilt store! I will TRY to keep in mind specific projects and not just go crazy . . . or not!! I do need a few backings, and while that adds up, it also goes out quickly too! Here are some photos of the kitty quilt. It is going to be given to the Associated Society Animal Protection (ASAP) Cat Shelter in Sparta WI, for their annual fall fund drive, intended as one of the raffle prizes. It is a wonderful no-kill shelter from where we adopted two of our kitties, Samantha and Hermione. I will have to add their pictures and stories to my side bar sometime soon. Samantha has an amazing story, and she is a very special and amazing kitty! I made a quilt quite similar to this one for a neighbor who always watched our kitties when we went on vacation, and they would never accept any kind of payment. I had tons of fabric left over and always had in mind to make this quilt for the shelter, and so now it's done! O.K. well, it will be once it's bound. I still have enough fabric left over to make another one - an even bigger one I think. This one is 62" X 67", I use 5 oz poly to make it nice and thick, and provide alot of definition during the quilting. I hope they like it! Well, better finish up, I'll be back late on the 28th, just in time to enjoy Twilight, The Eclipse! Happy

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  1. the kitty quilt looks great! I've made a raggy tote bag this month.
    Josie x