Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Finish!

The children are back in school, YAY!! even if it is only for a day. More ice and snow predicted for tomorrow morning, emphasis on ice, less snow. So much for living in the Southern part of the USA, at least in Wisconsin they know how to deal with it and are prepared. Anyway, I stuffed and sewed the bottom of the snowman pillow last night while watching TV w/DH. It is also my finished Christmas present of the month, as it is for my sister (only two years late). I can't believe how little I had left to do, just cut the lining, back and batting, sew layers together, turn right side out, stuff & sew. If only they all could be that easy! It was a WISP from an area that I took a picture of in an earlier post, you can see it folded in half. Above is a different area covered in WISPs and it's where I took the latest WISP from. I had cut all the fabrics for this lap quilt and had brought it with me to a quilting retreat 4 ? years ago and never got around to it. Since it was all cut out, and a pattern I have done at least 8 times, I worked on it this week while the kids were home and their friends running in and out, I can easily pick up where I left off without too much trouble. I only need to put on the last border, and then piece together a backing from my stash! I am so far behind in quilting that it is overwhelming to think about it. So I won't. At least not until tomorrow!

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