Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No School :(

School was cancelled today, we were supposed to get icy rain this morning, then warm sloppy rain the rest of the day but it's afternoon now and not a drop of anything has fallen. Not getting much done in the way of sewing, but worked out for 1 hr 15 minutes today, and I needed it! Feel much more energetic now, guess I'll go organize and then take shaggy, I mean dear son for a much needed haircut! Above is Dear Daughter get good use of the fleece scarf and matching mittens! Didn't bother making her a hat, can't get her to wear one unless it's WELL below freezing - I'm lucky she had her coat zipped! She made the snowmen in our front yard. Happy sewing!


  1. Ha ha! Love your header! I too have an embarrassing number of WISP! So nice to meet you through OPAM. Congratulations on winning this month!

  2. Thanks Sharon, I was so pleasantly surprised - I hadn't realized until I read your comment!