Saturday, February 27, 2010

Final February Finish!

This wall hanging will be my final February finish! I made several of these last year from odd fat quarters my sister had picked up for me over the years, and from green 3" squares from my gramma's stash. I started 10 of them and finished 7 of them last March. I ruined one of them by trying to stipple around the shamrocks, and it is still in a basket and every now and then I'll work on it by ripping out the tiny stippling stitches, I believe I have 1 1/2 blocks ripped out. I finished the last two this past week, the one above is mine, all the others were given away and in fact the other one I finished this week is now in Wisconsin (as is my husband) and today he will be visiting our former neighbor and giving her the wall hanging (with hanger). I haven't made much progress at all in binding the rail fence or the latest guild QOV. I've had the most annoying head cold since Tuesday and really feel blah, I need to pin on the next QOV and perhaps start it, then I think I'll just get in my PJ's and watch Jane Austin movies! I just checked out Mansfield Park from the Library last night, my daughter and I loved it!! Fortunately my son was at soccer so he won't get sick of it when I make my husband watch it when he comes back! I'd also better remember to email Kris with my finishes! Hope everyone has a clearer head than I do!

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