Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucky Again! (Plus Another Finish)

I cannot believe my luck this year! I made it just under the wire in joining the OPAM, and now my name was picked for the drawing!! How exciting! As I emailed Peg, I already considered myself a winner for getting so much completed! I know I won't be able to complete the same amount in volume (fleece is all gone) but I am steadily chugging along. It was a lucky weekend for all of us in the Southern Virginia Peninsula regions as we received all rain Friday night, with it changing over to snow mid-morning Saturday. We received about 5-6" inches of wet snow, but with a gloriously sunny day Sunday the roads were bare and dry for school yesterday morning : ) !! We lost power Saturday morning, very early, I believe due to so much rain & flooding, but it was only for about 3 hours, so the house didn't get too cold before the heat came back on. With rain, ice & snow there was no reason to go anywhere, and once the power came back on there was no reason NOT to hunker down in the sewing room! On Friday night I finished binding a lap quilt I had pieced & quilted almost two years ago. It wasn't really earmarked for anyone, and I was trying to get other stuff done and getting ready to move so I just set it aside. Binding the quilts used to be my least favorite thing to do, I was very fortunate in Wisconsin and a dear friend did many of my bindings, so once I came here, alot of my quilts were just waiting to be bound. Now with this one done I was completely caught up, so on Saturday I quilted the red white & blue one for my guild. It is a "QOV" Quilt of Valor, and will go to a wounded soldier in Afghanistan or Iraq. The guild members make the blocks, take them to quilt/craft shows etc., people sign the blocks or write messages and then we meet to sew the blocks together and put a border around them, then volunteers quilt and bind them. Our next guild meeting is this Friday so I will have it bound by then. This New Years I also resolved to give a project to charity each month, last month it was the 3 doz mittens that I donated to ACS (Army Community Services) right before the big snowstorm. So the QOV will be February's donation. The three photos are just three of the blocks, I'll take a picture of it once it's completely Bound. The black, white and red quilt is the one I just finished binding.

On Sunday, before the Superbowl (YAY SAINTS!!!!!) I managed to get another lap sized quilt quilted, but I'll post more about that next time, now to find fabric to bind that one with!

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